Company Overview
Stephen Bertelli Philip StoetznerLeonard Bertelli

Your Holistic Life™ was founded on the simple principle of providing the most advanced and scientifically proven health and wellness products thru the convenience of the internet. Product for product we offer the best VALUES and pioneer exciting cutting edge advances in nutrient delivery systems offering greater benefits to the user of health and wellness supplements.

Stephen Bertelli, CEO of Your Holistic Life has a degree in Electrical Computer Engineering and over twenty five years of experience in electrical computer engineering, biology, chemistry, program management, financial forecasting and planning. Philip Stoetzner, COO and Director of Product Development has a degree in Education with 25 years’ experience in sales, product development and business development on a corporate level. Len Bertelli has a degree in Electrical Computer Engineering with significant experience in software business development, sales, marketing, and custom engineering for clients throughout the world as CIT for several fortune 200 companies.

In 2005 Stephen Bertelli & Philip Stoetzner began planning the birth of Your Holistic Life. Phil and Steve had experienced direct sales companies with effective products that after becoming successful increased costs to their distributors. This antiquated business model prompted Phil and Steve to establish partnerships with quality manufacturers and formulate superior products at extraordinary values.

In 2007, six wonderful products were introduced via the Your Holistic Life retail website with success. Steve as CEO along with master software engineer Len Bertelli began developing our proprietary software that established the industry’s first online hybrid business model that combines the Discount Membership Shopping experience similar to Costco® with the profit sharing benefits of Affiliate Marketing and the expansion potential of Network Marketing into a non-distributorship based business model. The Your Holistic Life Membership is at the forefront of home business offering an easy to understand, no risk solution for anyone seeking to advance their health personally and financially in the growing Wellness and Anti-Aging industry through our Wholesale Membership System.

Phil as Director of Product Development is passionate that YHL products are the cutting edge of nutrient delivery systems and advanced formulation. Currently, four of the original products have been totally reformulated and represent the latest breakthroughs in science based Wellness and Anti-Aging technology! Our exciting weight management product MetaboSet Ultra™ will address the common challenges of obesity and excess weight gain. New product developments will impact sports injuries & preventative nutritional support for all ages and graceful aging. We are proud to introduce these exciting new products as the future of Wellness and Healthy Aging.

Most importantly we started Your Holistic Life without outside funding or support giving us complete control and ownership over our systems and custom software. We are not influenced by investors or outside interests that would put profit before people. It allows us the luxury (and headache) of knowing our business completely from the inside out. Each and every detail has been attended to by Phil, Steve and Len and as such we view you as much more than a customer.

It is our sincere hope that you have come to Your Holistic Life with a strong desire for health, wellness and an entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever your goals may be, we seek to serve your goals in a way that reflects our personal dedication to simplicity, ethics and integrity. We greet you as partners.

Welcome to Your Holistic Life!